Travel With Confidence


Travel With Confidence

Flexible Booking

When building personalised travel itineraries, we always seek to confirm the most flexible booking terms with our partners and providers, including 100% refunds in the case of any travel disruption caused by pandemics. In instances where this is not possible for individual elements of your experience, your personal travel planner will inform you on a case-by-case basis and share all alternative solutions available to you. 


Find out more about how we protect your deposit here. 


For complete confidence, your money will be protected and held by an independent trustee until the completion of your trip.

Travel Design Fee

Every experience we create is personalised. As our team invest care and attention in tailoring every experience, we charge an initial travel design fee which is refundable off the cost of the trip. ​


The fee is 3% of the approximate cost of the trip. In case you are not fully satisfied with the journey built for you, another will be developed for you at no extra cost.


Wherever you plan to travel to, and whilst you’re away, our team continues to be on hand 24/7 should any support be needed.


We believe in the power of travel to nurture personal growth. Our goal is to explore and build upon the interests of our guests, while igniting newfound passions along the way.​


From discovering the life of a classical composer with an acclaimed concert pianist, to unearthing treasures in Cairo with an archaeologist, our travel designers will create a personalised one-off journey, shaped by you.​

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