How it works

Our priority in working with clients is to understand their objectives. Maybe you are pleased with your current lighting scheme, but need help selecting new bulbs to maintain that look. Maybe you have repurposed a space (turning a bedroom into an office, for example), and need to change out the fixtures in that room. Or maybe you want to utilize recent technology to make your home “smarter” and more energy efficient. The Luminaire can help you achieve your lighting goals.

Step 01

We start each project by trying to get a clear picture of who uses each space and how that space is used. Additional considerations include:

  • Analyze room finishes, ceiling height, and available natural light
  • Determine appropriate light levels, which might vary within a room
  • Consider retrofitting existing recessed fixtures with an adjustable
      component for illuminating art, providing reading light in the middle
      of a room, etc. 
  • Determine appropriate light beams (various flood and spot options)
  • Assess how the room is used in order to determine light “color”,
      whether for an area of activity, relaxation, storage, etc.
  • Determine optimal bulb type:  halogen / compact fluorescent / LED,
      or a combination
  • Make recommendations for further energy savings and  
      convenience; which may include dimmers, occupancy sensors,
      vacancy sensors, and timers.  (click here to go to our Sensor Page).

Step 03

After we have completed the assessment, we will give you two pricing options:

  • The first option will be for The Luminaire to provide a complete
      relamping of your home, along with professional installation of any
      new controllers, sensors, or fixtures you have approved. 
  • The second option is for “deliver only” in which The Luminaire will
      provide you with all the bulbs needed to relamp your home along
      with exact specifications for where each bulb is to be placed. The
      second option would require the client to install (or hire someone to
      install) the new lamps.

Step 02

We will inventory all of your current light fixtures and bulb types to better understand the existing light available in each room. This will include direct lighting fixtures such as recessed and track lights, as well as those that are surface-mounted on the ceiling or walls (including bathroom vanity lights). We will also assess the indirect lighting from under-cabinet and cove lighting; and we will complete the inventory by including the light bulbs used in table and floor lamps.

The Luminaire will be glad to demonstrate a sample of the light produced by each unique bulb type (halogen, compact fluorescent, and LED) so you can get a better idea of how our suggestions will actually look in your home.  Once we understand the project, we will create specifications for relamping your residence using the conservation standards established by the Department of Energy as directed by the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act.

Step 04

Contact us today at 713.825.5695 to find out how The Luminaire can enhance your interior lighting for everyday living.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to maximize your home’s lighting environment and energy efficiency.

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