Light Sensors

Any of the sensors on the market can detect major motion such as a person walking across a room. However, people are not always walking around in the room. Quite often they are sitting still performing

a task that consists only of small motions.  

Occupancy mode: Automatically turns lights On when you enter a room and Off with a preset timer when you leave. Ideal for rooms you often enter with your hands full:  kitchen, closet, laundry, garage, work room, or bathroom.

Vacancy mode: You will need to manually turn the lights On when you enter a room but a preset timer will automatically turn them Off when you leave. Better for a child’s bedroom because your child will have to manually turn the lights On but the sensor will automatically turn them Off when he leaves the room and the lights won’t turn On if you enter when a child is sleeping. Ideal with indoor pets that would activate the sensor to turn On the lights if in the Occupancy mode.

With both Occupancy and Vacancy modes, the preferred sensor is:

  • Convenient and provides energy savings
  • A passive infrared sensor that detects heat from occupants moving within an area to determine when the space is occupied
  • Reliable, using signal processing technology to distinguish the difference between background noise and actual motion to allow the sensor to
      detect minor motions (such as writing or turning a page), which ensures lights stay On when the room is occupied without creating “false On”
      conditions that waste energy or “false Off” conditions that leave the occupant in the dark
  • Intelligent, using ambient light detection to sense daylight and/or lights in the room;  turning lights On only when needed
  • Compatible with incandescent, fluorescent, and LED with a 900-square foot coverage area
  • Flexible, with timer options of 1, 5, 15, and 30 minutes (the delay until the lights go Off after a person has left the room)
  • Available as a dimmer

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