Louise Ebel

Championing the forgotten women of history

Born in Paris, Louise Ebel studied art history before launching the blog Miss Pandora, a showcase of her love for culture, history, clothing and the French way of life.


Quickly growing in popularity, Miss Pandora evolved into a full-time undertaking, with Louise officiating as art director, stylist and photographic model. Today, she continues to work as a creator of cultural content, collaborating frequently with museums and tourist offices, as well as with select luxury brands.


Highlighting the forgotten women of history is one of Louise’s passions and the theme of her book Excessives!, about the fates of six little known women-artists working at the end of the 19th century.


For ten years, Louise was also a journalist and TV presenter in Japan, a country she visited regularly, contributing a fortnightly column to the Japanese edition of Marie Claire. Today, she shares her life between Paris and Rome, and continues to develop her passion for both cities.



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