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You probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your home’s interior lighting – unless you have shopped for light bulbs lately. If so, you were undoubtedly amazed by the vast array of bulb types and new technologies available. Recent changes in regulations and lamp availabilities have left most consumers overwhelmed

and confused by the unfamiliar bulb shapes, sizes, and specifications that currently line store shelves.

The Luminaire is a Houston-based company created by interior designer​ Rick Grett to help homeowners make the right decisions about lighting their residences. We will work with you to relamp your home while maximizing aesthetics, functionality, flexibility, ease of maintenance, and cost-effectiveness.

Our Process

Once we have assessed your home and understand what you wish to accomplish, The Luminaire will provide two pricing options:  the first will be for a complete relamping (including any fixture or controller changes you approve) that we will professionally install; the second option is “deliver only” in which all light bulbs are individually labeled by room and light fixture type for installation by the client.

The Luminaire will begin the project by listening to your objectives and addressing any particular areas of concern. The next step will

be to inventory your existing lighting fixtures and bulbs and create specifications for relamping.  We typically recommend clients do a complete relamping rather than simply replacing the bulbs as they burn out. Mixing old bulbs with new technology will often result in

an unattractive mix of brightness and color; using all new bulbs will produce a more uniform light and will provide better control in achieving your specific lighting objectives in each room.

Contact us at 713.825.5695 for an assessment of your lighting needs, and let The Luminaire’s expertise turn new technology and energy efficiency into the ideal lighting environment for your home

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